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Notes on "Tourism and Socio-Economic Change: The Case of the Rolwaling Valley in Eastern Nepal," by Ruedi Baumgartner
"Trashi Lapcha??? A word about spelling and pronunciation
Interview with Tulku Ngawang Lapsum, abbot of Beding
Interviews with Norbu Sherpa, the chair of Beding Village Development Committee
Gauri Shankar VDC 1 Census 1997
Beding Demographic Data: Summary
Biodiversity and Tourism in the Sacred Valley (paper presented by Seth Sicroff and Empar Alos Alabajos at the International Symposium on the Himalayan Environments: Mountain Sciences and Ecotourism/Biodiversity 24-26 November 2000, Kathmandu)

Outfitting your Own Trek (across Tashi Laptsa)
Visit to Rolwaling in April, 1999
Sacred valley
Upper Valley
Hazard Mitigation Efforts at Tsho Rolpa (Observations from 1999)
Tsho Rolpa Hazard Mitigation Project: The Big Fix
Tsho Rolpa Hazard Mitigation Project: A Gentler, Dryer Lake?
Rolwaling Trek, Spring 1999 (part one)
Rolwaling Trek, Spring 1999 (part two)
Images from the Bridges 1999 Expedition Bridges 2000
Images from Bridges 2K
Images from Bridges 2001
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